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What to Know Before Visiting
De Palm Island

Planning a visit to De Palm Island, or already have your ticket? We’re excited to welcome you to our beautiful slice of paradise! To ensure you have the best possible experience, we’ve compiled essential information and tips to help you prepare for your trip. From age restrictions on rides to safety notices and must-know guidelines, this section will provide you with everything you need to know before you arrive.

Read on to make the most of your unforgettable adventure at De Palm Island!

Port De Palm

1. Check in process and getting to De Palm Island

Upon arrival, head to the check-in area to receive your wristband. Ensure you have your booking confirmation and ID ready. Our friendly team members will guide you through the process and provide information about the island’s amenities.

From downtown, go past the airport and take a right at the 3rd roundabout (look for the De Palm Island road sign).

You can buy tickets at the De Palm Island ferry terminal (until 2 pm), online, or at a hotel concierge desk. Parking is free, and the ferry runs throughout the day.

De Palm Island - Coral Beach

2. Coral Beach

De Palm Island boasts a coral beach, known for its rocky terrain. We recommend bringing or purchasing beach shoes at our Coconuts retail store. Enjoy the comfort of complimentary beach chairs and shaded palapas. Please remember to bring your own towel to fully enjoy your day at the beach.

Retail Store at De Palm Island

3. Retail Store

At Coconuts, you’ll find a variety of reef-safe sunblock, stylish bathing suits, and everything else you need for a perfect day of swimming and lounging. Our convenient location ensures you’re fully equipped to enjoy the island’s sun, sand, and sea responsibly and fashionably.

4. Flamingo experience on De Palm Island

Enjoy and respect the beautiful and elegant flamingos at De Palm Island, where they are well cared for by our dedicated team members. You can see these magnificent birds just steps away from you.

With a regular ticket to De Palm Island, you can witness the enchanting sight of flamingos. For a closer encounter, choose the Flamingo Discovery package, which includes a photo opportunity with these elegant birds for an additional charge.

Upgrade to premium seating or book a beach cabana to mingle with the flamingos. Remember to respect the flamingos by not feeding them and keeping a safe distance.

Fun facts about these animals:

  • Pink Feathers: Flamingos turn pink from eating algae and crustaceans rich in carotenoids.
  • Feeding Technique: They filter food from water using comb-like structures in their beaks.
  • One-Legged Stance: Standing on one leg helps them conserve body heat.
  • Social Birds: Flamingos live in large colonies, sometimes numbering thousands.
  • Monogamous: They usually have one mate for life and both parents care for the chick.

Enjoy these wonderful creatures responsibly to ensure their well-being.

5. All you can eat lunch buffet, grill snacks and open bar

Lunch Buffet – 11:00 am – 3:00 pm:

  • Aruban Lentil Soup
  • Caribbean curry chicken, fish fillet with Aruban crioyo sauce, Caribbean rice, pasta marinara, mashed potatoes
  • Aruban bread pudding, chocolate/vanilla cake, Aruban rice pudding

Grill Station – 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm:

  • Build-your-own burgers, crispy chicken tenders, specialty French fries
  • Vegetarian chili

Open Bar – 10:00 am – 5:00 pm:

  • Soft drinks, wine, beer, rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila, cocktails
Kids waterpark De Palm Island

6. Kids waterpark

Join the fun at the Waterpark on De Palm Island, where there’s something for everyone! Enjoy the thrill of slides and splash zones, perfect for all ages. Children under 6 need to be accompanied by an adult. Slides are for one person at a time, and no head-first sliding. Do not climb back up the slide.

a close up of a green fence

7. Body drop slides

Twist and turn all the way down on our breathtaking free-body slides. For the more daring, take on the dark, twisting tunnel that drops you into a spiraling bowl. Minimum height of 1.15m (45”) for the mid-section and 1.22m (48”) for the capsule drop. After sliding, step out immediately and use the stairs to slide again.

Snorkel at De Palm Island

8. Snorkeling

Swim alongside schools of blue parrotfish and a variety of other reef species. Snorkeling depths range from waist-deep to 15 feet, and equipment is included in your day package. Please stay within the buoys; life vests are mandatory. If you feel uncomfortable, please wave to the lifeguard for assistance. Enjoy daily free snorkel tours and instruction to enhance your experience. Fish food is available at the gift shop to attract marine life right to you.

Banana boat at De Palm Island

9. Unlimited Banana Boat Rides

Rides are for guests aged 10 and up. Children aged 3-9, indicated by wristbands, are not allowed for safety reasons. The ride may be rough due to winds and waves, and you may fall off or the banana might flip over. Please read the signs carefully before deciding to ride.

10. Protect our marine ecosystem

  • Do not stand on corals: Coral reefs are fragile and can be easily damaged.
  • Use reef-friendly sunblock: Help preserve marine life by using sunblock that is safe for reefs.
  • Do not feed the fish: Purchase special fish food from our retail store to ensure their proper diet and health.

More to help nature:

  • No straws policy
  • Food served on reusable plates
  • Drinks served in reusable cups: Please place them in the cupholders so we can disinfect and reuse tehm to reduce waste.
  • No balloons allowed
  • Separate your garbage:
    • Empty cups in cupholders
    • Plastic in “Plastic Only” bins
    • Other trash in general bins
  • Leftover food: Given to local farmers for animal feed.

Thank you for helping us keep De Palm Island beautiful and thriving!

Follow park policies, read here!